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Technical Support

We offer the following customer technical support, you will fill out your information in the right form, the Manhattan team will give you a reply within the shortest time, and provide you with the required services.

Calibration Service


As the years of the instrument you use grow, various reasons such as aging of electronic components, wear of mechanical devices, dust in the environment, etc., may cause deviations in the measurement results of your instrument. GOIN technical team has received the original factory training to obtain the qualification certificate, and uses retrospective instruments to be able to calibrate your instrument to the best condition and provide a detailed calibration report.

Maintenance Service

When you encounter any problems with the product you are using, GOINwill provide you with all technical support. GOIN's afte r-sales service team regularly conducts technical exchanges and training with international original factories. With professional knowledge, quick response, and rigorous work attitude, we have established a good reputation and image on the domestic user side and become the guardian of GOIN products.

Laboratory Planning

GOIN provides you with complete laboratory construction information and equipment demand planning consultation, and has a professional team, from experimental design, instrument selection, movement planning, equipment installation, personnel training and follow-up after-sales service . GOIN team strives to create a laboratory construction plan with the best standards and environment.

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