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New security thread on SDC multifibre products

We at SDC Enterprises are delighted to announce to all of our customers and partners, we will be introducing a few changes to the company’s brand and products. These changes include a new security thread on our multifibre products, replacing the hologram with an authenticity label and a modernised logo.

These changes will help to enhance the security of the products and the brand. As the new security thread and authenticity label will be harder for unscrupulous vendors to counter fit and pass of as inferior SDC quality. The authenticity label was produced for advanced security and we urge for customers to ensure when they receive our products that they check that it is our own authenticity label.

These changes will be phased in as we wanted to ensure that we use dual branding to help use all of our remaining holograms and original security thread, the dual branding is important as it will allow for our customers to see the two (hologram and authenticity label) together before the full transition. This will also prevent any wastage, which is important to SDCE for environmental purposes as well as helping us to prevent the costs being passed on to the customers.

The changes to the logo are minimal, however the new design has a more modern look and allows us to be consistent with our subsidiary company that weaves all our full-width fabrics (Sam Weller Ltd).

Rest assured we would like to establish there will be no change to our industry-leading products and service and we will continue to do our best to provide this for our customers.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support, who can look forward to the same market leading quality and service.

If you have any further demand or inquire , please contact our agent in great China and Vietnam Goin International Co. Ltd


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