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µ-METER Friction Measurement µ-value friction coefficient tester
  • µ-METER Friction Measurement µ-value friction coefficient tester

    The test yarn is wound on the friction body at a certain speed and angle, the tension before and after the friction body is measured, and the friction coefficient is calculated according to Euler's formula.

    The µ-METER system can be effectively used for specific measurement requirements and also provides a flexible expansion platform.

    The samples can be tested quickly, accurately and reproducibly.

    Through the feedback of market information, the use of µ-METER can continuously improve the quality of products.

    • Technical specifications

      The instrument for detecting friction coefficient is composed of three functional modules:

      µ value tester

      Filament unwinding device

      Data collection and analysis system


      Friction value of yarn guide

      Stick-slip detection

      Coefficient of friction between filaments

      Analyze the uniformity of surface treatment

      Continuous detection of the friction coefficient of the yarn

      Detect the concentration of oil or slurry

      Line-to-line friction detection

      Check yarn friction to generate dust

      Detection method:

      Under different surface conditions

      Friction between yarn and ceramic

      Friction between yarn and steel

      Friction between yarn and glass

      Technical Information:

      Speed range: 0 - 300 m / min

      Tension: Maximum 200 cN (can be selected as needed)

      Power: 230/115 VAC 50/60 Hz, from about 100 W

      534×297×400 mm

      ( Length × Width × Height )

      Weight: about 20 kg

      Available options:

      Electronically controlled friction body heating

      Unwinding device for slip viscosity detection

      Extended filament and filament detection device

      Detection filament and the filament angle adjustment adapter

      Spare nozzle

      Sewing thread type


      Windows operating software

      Digital and image information

      Friction values, F1, and F2 tension unwinding speed

      Standard statistics ( mean, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, coefficient of variation)

      FFT analysis

      Generate EXCEL files for editing and data processing of other programs ( EXCEL)

    • 符合標準

      ASTM D3108

      ASTM D3412

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