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Assessment Aids
  • Assessment Aids

    It is used to evaluate staining and fading in the color fastness test. It is divided into 1-5 grades, with half-step increments. The gray card is composed of nine pairs of matt neutral gray pieces, which display distinguishable color differences. Provide the corresponding fastness registration. It is used to evaluate staining and fading in the color fastness test described in ISO 105-A02 and ISO 105-A03.

    • Color change gray card

      This product is used to judge the sweat fastness of colored fabrics. It can be used for dyeing, printing and other colored textile fibers, yarns and various fabrics. It can also be used to test dyes on fabrics.

    • Stained grey card

      The gray card is composed of 9 pairs of matt white pieces, showing a distinguishable depth of staining. Provide the corresponding fastness levels, namely 5, 4-5, 4, 3-4, 3, 2-3, 2, 1-2 and 1. It is used to evaluate the total amount of dyeing that occurs on the undyed fabric of the patch during the fastness test. Its use has been described in ISO 105-A03.

    • Fluorescence Suppressor

      This is a laminated glass panel used to deal with the interference of light waves generated by fluorescent whitening agents on textiles, fur and paper. It is very useful when grading objects containing fluorescent whitening agents. This laminated glass plate is placed in a protective box upon delivery.

    • Standards compliant

      ISO 105 A01

      ISO 105 A02

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