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FX 3300-IV LabAir / Air Permeability Tester 透氣性試驗機
  • FX 3300-IV LabAir / Air Permeability Tester 透氣性試驗機

    An instrument used to quickly, simply and accurately determine the air permeability and pressure drop of various materials ( including tightly coated fabrics and very loose papermaking felts ).

    Video: FX 3300

    • Features:

      • Ingenious design, can be used in laboratory or production workshop
      • High flexibility, supply a variety of customized test heads and optional accessories for special applications
      • In addition to providing multiple different air permeability measurement units, it can also measure pressure drop and specific airflow resistance
      • The automatic cleaning function prevents fibers and dust from accumulating on the aperture plate or other parts, ensuring correct test results and stable use of the instrument
      • Automatic measurement range function, so that the operator does not need to manually adjust the test range, the instrument will automatically select the appropriate range
      • Optional software can be set to automatically test pressure or speed, edit the program for measurement
      • Optional data evaluation software evaluation and printer, connected to the network via Ethernet or WIFI, with data evaluation software, export the test report in PDF or XML format from the instrument, and easily store the data for long-term management and evaluation
      • It can also be used with a tape printer to print data results directly
    • Standards compliant:

      ADIDAS TM 6.08

      AFNOR G07-111

      ASTM D 737 / D 3574

      BS 5636

      DIN 53887

      EDANA 140.1

      EN ISO 9237/7231

      GB/T 24218.15/5453

      JIS L 1096-A

      NA 140.2

      TAPPI T-251

      WSP 70.1

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