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ALFA 500 Automatic Finish Analyzer
  • ALFA 500 Automatic Finish Analyzer

    ALFA 500 detects the oil content of various filament yarns and staple fibers and the auxiliary agent content of non-woven materials by measuring the total carbon content. It is suitable for testing the oil content of various oils containing oil, fat-soluble and carbon-based finishing agents. .

    The ALFA 500 detection process is fully automatic (adding deionized water, stirring and extracting solvents), can quickly reflect the production status, the detection results are free of human error, accurate and reliable, and reduce the workload of sample preparation. Using deionized water as a solvent is not only ecological and environmentally friendly, but also saves the time and cost of waste disposal.

    • testing method

      Put the quantitatively weighed sample into the beaker, and the instrument automatically adds hot deionized water to the beaker, stirs, and extracts the quantitative solvent in the cup (each process 3
      min). After the extracted solvent is vaporized at a high temperature of 800 ℃ in the internal reactor of the instrument, the total carbon content is analyzed by infrared spectroscopy, and the oil content is calculated.

    • Technical specifications

      Detection time:
      28 samples, 3 min for each sample


      ± 0.02% FOY, OPU


      Better than ± 1.5% (standard calibration solution)

      scope of test:

      0-200 ppm TC (total carbon content)

      0%-5% FOY, OPU

      Gas supply: mixed gas, HC free

      O2 = 20 ± 1% N2 = 80 ± 1%

      H2O <5 ppm CnHm <0.1 ppm

      Instrument composition:

      Automatic sampling system Extraction system

      TC analysis system computer and software

      Sampling amount:

      About 2 g

      Test air consumption:

      Approximately 200 ccm (under 3.5 bar air pressure)


      Deionized water (internal heating of the instrument> 60 ℃)


      1140×660×700 mm (L×W×H), weight 72 kg

      power supply:

      230/115 VAC ± 10%

      50/60 Hz, 1000 W


      Ethernet (optional OPC UA interface)

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