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ALFA NMR Spin Finish Tester
  • ALFA NMR Spin Finish Tester

    The chemical fiber finish mainly adjusts the friction of the fiber surface and gives the fiber smooth and soft properties. At the same time, it prevents or eliminates the accumulation of static electricity, so that chemical fibers can smoothly pass through the processes of spinning, drawing, and spinning.

    ALFA NMR uses low-intensity pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance to detect the oil content of chemical fibers. This method has the advantages of fast speed, simple operation and easy correction.

    Detection method: Establish a calibration curve before testing the samples. Generally, at least 6 standard samples are used, preferably 12 . During the test, first weigh the sample, log the electronic balance data into the computer manually or automatically, and then load the sample into the test hole on the top of the instrument. The test time is about 2 minutes .

    • Technical specifications

      Test time

      2 min

      Test Range

      0.2-5 % oil content ( FOY), oiling ratio ( OPU )


      According to the correction, when the experimental method is adopted, it is about 1 ‰

      Test volume

      According to fiber type, generally 1-5 g

      Operating temperature

      The best temperature is 22-25 ℃ , the lowest temperature is 18 ℃ , the highest temperature is 28 ℃

      Core temperature

      Usually 40 ℃

      NMR frequency

      20 MHz

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