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AT 500 Abrasion Tester Yarn Abrasion Tester
  • AT 500 Abrasion Tester Yarn Abrasion Tester

    The Yarn Abrasion Tester AT 500 uses a unique measuring method to provide quality information on the abrasion properties of fibers and yarns.

    Many parameters such as yarn twist, yarn count and wax content are related to the cause of accidental wear.

    Yarn abrasion tester can measure the abrasion resistance of continuous yarns, to provide quality information quickly, the entire test is only a small amount of yarn required, and equipment to provide a stable standard test conditions.

    After the product is oiled, the change of its abrasion resistance can be quantitatively analyzed correctly.

    • The main purpose

      • Analyze the influence of oil composition and concentration
      • Analyze the influence of dye matting agents, additives and polymer additives
      • Identify the role of each substance in the oil
      • Investigate the influence of fiber cross-sectional shape and fineness
      • Investigate the causes of fiber and yarn wear
      • Before further processing, avoid causing yarn wear
      • Quick and detailed analysis of wear resistance
      • Estimated service life
    • Excellent performance

      1. Continuously improve the product with the information provided by the market.
      2. The flexible operating system allows the effective use of special measurement tasks and provides a platform with extended functions.
      3. Accurately measure the wear resistance of fibers and yarns, collect and evaluate online measurement data, automatically generate files and output measurement results.
      4. When recording each measurement value, not only the final result is stored, but also all external parameters such as tension F1, wear, unwinding speed, measurement period, date, operator, temperature, relative humidity, etc. are included.
      5. The measurement data is collected at a sampling rate of 200 measurements / s.
      6. The original value storage of all measured values, including measurement parameters and statistical values, is not compressed during storage. On any given date, according to the validity period of the technology, it can be further evaluated as long as there is a need, and the data can also be re-accessed.

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