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Automatic Hydrostatic Head Tester FX 3000-IV HydroTester Hydrostatic Head Tester

Automatic Hydrostatic Head Tester FX 3000-IV HydroTester Hydrostatic Head Tester

The resistance of plastic films, coated and non-coated fabrics and non-woven fabrics to water penetration under pressure is measured by dynamic, static and programmed testing methods.

Video: FX 3000

  • Features

    • The measuring range depends on different models, and the pressure can reach up to 7 bar
    • High-precision pressure sensor provides high accuracy and stable detection results, even in the low pressure range, can provide accurate and stable pressure gradient and detection results
    • High clamping force test head. When starting the test, the pneumatic cylinder cooperates to clamp the sample to provide a stable and strong clamping force, effectively preventing moisture from leaking from the side of the sample and causing test failure
    • Optional automatic water drop detection, the instrument will automatically detect the penetration of water droplets, when the sample seeps out of the preset number of water droplets, the test automatically stops and the measurement result is displayed. Eliminates long-term monitoring by the operator and manual termination of the test
    • Optional automatic water level control, just tap the button on the touch screen, you can fill the water tank or replenish the water lost in the test
    • Optional data evaluation software and printer
    • Optional blood penetration device for testing
  • Standards compliant:

    AATCC 127

    ASTM D 689 / F 1670 /

    F 1671

    BS 2823

    DIN 53886

    EDANA 120.2-02

    EN 1734/20811

    FZ/T 01004

    GB/T 4744/19082

    INDA IST 80.4

    ISO 811/1420 A

    JIS L 1092

    NF G07-057

    SNV 198'571

    WSP 80.6

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