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Bally Flexometer STM 701 Leather Flexure Tester

Bally Flexometer STM 701 Leather Flexure Tester


  • Features

    • It can be used to pre-treat samples before determining the moisture permeability, especially to evaluate the moisture permeability of the upper of safety shoes
    • There are 12 measuring positions in total, which is convenient for customers to use and sample installation. The counter installed on the machine ensures continuous automatic operation of the machine without manual work. When the preset value is reached, it will automatically stop
    • According to the ambient temperature of the instrument site, a low-temperature model can also be selected ( minimum -20 )
  • Standards compliant

    BS 3144

    EN ISO 5402

    IUP 20

    SLP 14

    SATRA TM 55

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