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BIS 200 Bale Inspection System online moisture regain detector

BIS 200 Bale Inspection System online moisture regain detector

From a commercial point of view, it is important to check the moisture content in the fiber bag in controlling the fiber production process and spinning process. The BIS 200 system can be connected to various conveying systems. It can check the entire moisture content, moisture distribution, and identification of the wet and dry points in each bag, and can immediately feedback and improve the process based on this information, such as drying Fiber production, such as bag opening, packing, etc., so it provides important information for equipment process processing.

The BIS 200 is a fully automatic system controlled by a computer. The test results may be transmitted to a central computer or automatic labeling system, the system and link level bale days, business can be directly calculated by weight of the bale, bale aqueous If it exceeds the limit immediately separated.

  • Technical specifications

    • Measuring range: 5-20%
    • Weight input signal: analog signal from optional bale balance 0-20 (4-20) mA or through RS232 interface
    • Calibration: complete calibration coefficients for different fibers and packaging materials, and compare them with laboratory methods
    • Accuracy: Accuracy <1%
    • Reproducibility: moisture content ± 0.5%
    • Enter the cotton bale identification mark: fiber type, production line, cotton bale product number, weight and other terms; optional barcode gun
    • Alarm signal interval: set high/low moisture content and dry and wet point intervals according to regulations and settings

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