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Child Thermal Manikin Child Thermal Manikin
  • Child Thermal Manikin Child Thermal Manikin

    The child dummy that can sweat and walk, established according to ASTM and ISO standards, meets the requirements of clothing evaluation by testing clothing manufacturers.

    • Features:

      • Perfect clothing, environmental thermal energy testing cycle system
      • Two optional models, 8 -year-old child model : 50 inches (127cm) , 10 -year-old child model 55 inches (140cm)
      • The model is equipped with 15 independent heating zones as standard
      • The system is equipped with ThermDAC control software for thermal energy control and fault monitoring
      • Metal sensors coated with oxidized paint on the surface are distributed in each heating area
      • Optional detachable synthetic fabric sweat skin, which can be precisely controlled by the computer
    • 符合標準:

      ASTM F1291 / F1720

      EN 13537

      ENV 342

      ISO/DIS 15831

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