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Cone Calorimeter CC-2 Cone Calorimeter

Cone Calorimeter CC-2 Cone Calorimeter

The test environment is close to the real combustion environment of the fire, and it can be widely used to test the heat release performance of materials and evaluate the combustion performance of materials in a fire.

  • Features:

    • High-precision weighing unit, 0.01g resolution
    • 5000W Inconel Tube Heater
    • PID temperature control
    • Spark igniter, sample guard
    • The computer automatically sets the heat flux level
    • Stainless steel construction: mask, pipe, orifice plate, ring type sampling probe
  • Standards compliant

    ASTM D 5485 / D 6113 / E 1354 / E 1474 / E 1550

    BS 476 Part 15

    CAN ULC135

    ISO 5660

    NFPA 264/271

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