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Critical (Limiting) Oxygen Index Test Apparatus OI-3

Critical (Limiting) Oxygen Index Test Apparatus OI-3

OI-3 oxygen index analyzer uses the latest technology and is currently the most effective instrument for measuring oxygen index.

  • Standards compliant

    ASTM D 2863

    BS 2782 PART 1, METHOD 141

    ISO 4589 PART 2

    NFT 51-071

  • Features

    • Can accurately analyze the oxygen index to 0.1%
    • With heavy-duty heat-resistant glass chimney, 2 different types of sample holders ( flexible material / solid material )
    • Equipped with automatic correction system
    • Adjustable oxygen index
    • Automatically adjust the flow of oxygen and nitrogen to obtain the required oxygen index
    • Software display: instrument status, oxygen index, flow rate, chimney temperature, execution time
    • Equipped with control valve, flow meter and screening program, the instrument operation is simple
    • The instrument is also equipped with a combustion element and operating manual

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