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DELTA 100 Wet Abrasion Tester
  • DELTA 100 Wet Abrasion Tester

    DELTA 100 can automatically test the abrasion performance of fibers under wet conditions.

    During the measurement, the shaft is constantly being humidified while rotating at a constant speed. The wet grinding performance is determined by the number of revolutions when the fiber is broken. The fully automatic test program ensures reliable and reproducible results, easy to operate, and no human factors influence.

    • Technical specifications

      Number of samples: 20

      Evaluation control unit: computer and software

      Shortest fiber length

      Friction angle 100° : 25.5 mm Friction angle : 17.5 mm

      Axis of rotation

      Effective length: 340 mm

      Fiber pretension: tension clamp

      Humidification pump flow rate: 5.6 ml / min

      Diameter: 10 mm

      Material: stainless steel, surface sandblasted

      Humidification : humidification under the shaft ; water supply by the water pump

      Dimensions: Height: 260 mm

      Width : 820 mm Length : 430 mm Weight: 50 kg

      Speed: 100-500 rpm

      Oscillation speed: about 10 mm/ min The angle between the fiber and the rotating shaft:

      Power supply: 230/115 VAC ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz, 130 W

      -10° before the test

      0-100° in the test

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