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DTI 600 Draw Tension Instrument Hot Drawing Tension Analyzer
  • DTI 600 Draw Tension Instrument Hot Drawing Tension Analyzer

    DIT 600 is a modern, fully automatic and efficient filament inspection instrument.

    It is used to quickly detect filament drafting tension immediately after the spinning process, so that it can reflect the product quality in time and effectively adjust the production process.

    Drafting tension is an attribute of yarn, which is used to judge the orientation of polymer molecules, which has a great influence on the quality of subsequent dyeing.

    The orientation of yarn is closely related to dyeability and other processing properties (shrinkage, resilience).

    Failures in the spinning process of filament yarns will cause their orientation to change.

    Drafting tension is an effective method for evaluating product quality and production technology. This test has become an important indicator for many domestic and foreign filament manufacturers.

    • Detection principle

      1. DTI 600 adopts fully automatic yarn feeding and yarn suction and removal of waste yarn, without manual threading operation.
      2. When detecting the drafting tension, DTI 600 will continuously detect the heating of the yarn to a certain temperature, and can set a certain draft ratio to test the tension generated when the yarn is stretched .
      3. When detecting the elongation, DTI 600 will continuously control and record the elongation under the condition that the preset tension of the yarn is kept constant.
      4. There are two sets of rollers with different rotation speeds inside the instrument for drafting. The speed of the rollers is controlled by the computer, so that the user can adjust the elongation freely and accurately.
    • Excellent performance

      • Timely reflect product quality and production process status.
      • Effectively reduce the number of substandard products.
      • The detection process is fully automatic: air suction type yarn feeding, automatic yarn threading detection, no manual operation.
      • High-precision drafting tension control, high accuracy and good reproducibility.
      • Computer evaluation of test results, graph display, data comparison. High quality and durable.
    • Technical specifications

      Detection fineness range

      10-510 den (11-560 dtex)

      Detecting tension range

      0-800 cN

      Draft ratio

      0.2-20 times

      Elongation accuracy

      ± 0.02%

      Drafting tension accuracy

      ± 0.1 cN

      Temperature accuracy

      ± 1% ( actual temperature )

    • Standards compliant

      ASTM D5344

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