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Dynamic Footwear Resistance Tester STM 505

Dynamic Footwear Resistance Tester STM 505

Simulate walking in the water while wearing the whole shoe to evaluate the leak-proof properties of the whole shoe against water.

  • Standards compliant

    Clarks Shoes No.401

    SATRA TM230

  • Features

    • Dynamic footwear waterproof testing machine can bend shoes in a transparent acrylic sink filled with water
    • The machine includes two independent sinks and two independent bending units
    • Each test unit has an independently controlled air cylinder, allowing shoes to enter and exit the water tank alternately. The pre-set value of the counter allows the machine to operate under unsupervised operation. When the preset number of times is reached, the shoes will be lifted off the water to complete the test
    • The test is conducted on the entire shoe, testing the waterproof performance of the entire shoe in all aspects, including materials, structure, seams and sole gluing. The machine can also be used to test the effect of the protective coating on the shoe

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