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STM 567 Endofoot 整鞋透氣及保溫性能試驗機

STM 567 Endofoot 整鞋透氣及保溫性能試驗機

In the case of simulated feet wearing stockings, the influence of the sole, upper, inner lining, stitching and different hosiery is considered at the same time, and the heat preservation, moisture absorption and ventilation performance of the whole shoe are evaluated.

  • Standards compliant

    SATRA TM 376 / 436

  • Features

    • SATRA Endofoot uses a specially customized foot model, and integrates multiple electric heating elements and water supply piping systems on the foot model ( simulating foot sweating )
    • First put on a standard sock on the foot model, and then put on the shoes to be tested. After the warm-up period, the temperature reaches equilibrium, which is analogous to the temperature and humidity in the environment where the shoes are worn.
    • Can be used to assist in the development of comfort standards, and can also be used for comparison tests of shoe materials
    • The data obtained from the test can be used to evaluate and improve the sweat absorption and thermal performance of all footwear

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