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Fix Angle Table (FAT) 45 degree observation oblique plate
  • Fix Angle Table (FAT) 45 degree observation oblique plate

    The new 45° fixed viewing platform meets the requirements of a number of national and international standards, including:

    1. AATCC Evaluation Program
    2. BS EN and ISO-Textiles-Color fastness test (105-AO2 105-AO3)
    3. ISO 3668: Comparison of color perception of paint and varnish to paint color
    4. ASTM D1729: Color Evaluation of Artificial Daylight
    5. British retailer testing standards include: M&S-color fastness test method Next-color fastness and durability test method
    • 產品特點


      1. AATCC評估程式
      2. BS EN和ISO -紡織品-色牢度測試(105-AO2 105-AO3)
      3. ISO 3668 油漆和清漆 對油漆顏色的色覺比較
      4. ASTM D1729:對人工日光的色彩評估
      5. 英國零售商測試標準包括:M&S -色牢度測試方法 Next -顏色牢度和耐用性測試方法
    • Featured advantages

      Metal is more durable and magnets can be used. Two sizes/strength magnets: able to fix the position of the sample without using hands. Magnetic grading sheet: When testing the color fastness of the sample, it has the function of fixing the sample, and the hand can adjust the color fastness level freely. The finish can be N5, N7 or 5574: Brushed paint to meet specific standards. Light weight: Easy to manipulate. Fixing frame: The sample mounted on the card is placed in an appropriate position. Rubber feet: Prevent damage to the inside of the cabinet when sliding at the bottom.

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