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Flame Test Manikin 火焰和高溫人體模型
  • Flame Test Manikin 火焰和高溫人體模型

    Users can distinguish the performance of protective clothing and equipment in a flame environment that simulates control of heat flow, flame distribution and burning time.

    • Features:

      • The mannequin shell is made of composite materials, completely fireproof material, durable
      • The joints of the mannequin are adjustable and can be put in various poses
      • The data acquisition device is inside the human body model to ensure the accuracy of the measurement
      • 122 precise heat flow sensors measure the heat flow, the measuring range
      • 0.0-4.0cal/cm2 s(167kw/m2)
      • The combustion box contains a combustion transmission system, 8 or 12 bracket fire nozzles, to provide a uniform flame around the mannequin. The pre-designed exhaust system of the combustion box not only supplements the oxygen required for combustion, but also exhausts the gas and heat generated after the combustion is completed
      • Proprietary ThermDAC control software
    • 符合標準:

      ASTM F 1930

      ISO 13506

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