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FRP-1A-CF(G) Flooring Radiant Panel 鋪地材料熱輻射試驗機

FRP-1A-CF(G) Flooring Radiant Panel 鋪地材料熱輻射試驗機

Test the heat transfer properties of mattresses, decorative furniture, and flame retardant materials.

  • Standards compliant

    ASTM E 648

    ISO 9239-1 / 9239-2

    NFPA 253

  • Features

    • Stainless steel bracket, stainless steel shell, inner chamber is composed of 0.5 inch thick calcium silicate board
    • Air supply, zero point corrector and mixer, supply gas to the instrument to reach the set operating temperature
    • Assembled pilot burner
    • Thermocouple for inner chamber and exhaust device
    • Voltmeter reading and output: optical pyrometer, internal temperature, flow sensor
    • Equipped with automatic " safe off " function

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