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FM 02 Dyeing Machine
  • FM 02 Dyeing Machine

    FM 02 is a reliable and standardized room temperature sample dyeing system. It is a necessary equipment for solving dyeing problems in the production process and quality control.

    • Standards compliant


      DIN 6174

    • Features

      • Dyeability is an important test index for fibers, filaments, yarns, and textiles.
      • Infused with colored dyes, the 8 sample cages filled with samples will continuously rotate through the operating device during the dyeing process, and the movement direction and position are controlled by a programmable controller.
      • Each sample can be placed 4 g sample cage, vat capacity 5 L.
      • Use computer and software analysis to provide regular quality control.
      • The dyeing machine can be used in conjunction with the whiteness meter of the Austrian Lenzing Company. It can be used to test the color temperature, hue and whiteness of the instrument, using the CIELAB formula, which fully meets the standard test of dyeing performance.
      • The highest dyeing temperature is 99 ℃.

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