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FRAY VIEW Yarn Defects Visualization Yarn Defects Visualization
  • FRAY VIEW Yarn Defects Visualization Yarn Defects Visualization

    FRAY VIEW can detect the total number of yarn defects, their positions, various statistics and analysis images.

    The FFD sensor can detect and distinguish between hair filaments and hair balls. It uses a fully packaged design, suitable for various environments. Yarn manufacturers can use this instrument to further thoroughly analyze and prove product quality problems.

    • Features

      • FRAY VIEW is composed of FFD wool sensor and high-resolution digital CCD camera.
      • The FFD sensor can detect broken filaments or hairballs, and will trigger the camera to take pictures every time a hairline or hairball is detected.
      • The yarn passes through the FFD sensor. The 6 sensors in the middle are used to detect 3, 4.5, and 6 mm wool yarns, and a central sensor is used to detect the hair masses. The two LED lights on the FFD sensor display The working status of the sensor.
      • Every time the FFD sensor detects a defect, the FRAY VIEW camera will automatically trigger and capture an image to record the total number, location, and various statistical data of the yarn defect, and display it in the software.
      • Each test data also includes winding length and winding time. The software can carry out real-time monitoring and statistical analysis , and transmit it to the computer.
    • Technical specifications

      • Detection range: 5 µ m
      • Detection speed: up to 8000 m/min
      • Hair length: 3, 4.5, 6 mm
      • Light source: flat LED light ( white )
      • Photographing area: 30×22 mm
      • Yarn guide: ceramic ( replaceable )
      • Evaluation system: computer and Windows compatible software
      • Degree of protection: IP 67
      • Data transmission: through the bridge box (Can bus and Ethernet port)
      • Environmental conditions: 15 – 50 ℃, maximum humidity 90%, non-condensing
      • Bridge box configuration:
      • 1 connection to FRAY VIEW , 3 additional interfaces
      • 3 quality output signals and 1 auxiliary output voltage 24 V DC or 48 V AC, the maximum load is 2 A
      • 3 digital inputs connected to the winding machine, optocoupler input voltage from 0 to 30 V DC
      • FRAY VIEW size: 200×100×160 mm ( L × W × H )
      • Bridge box size : 473×283×604 mm ( L × W × H )

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