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ISOMartindale Consumables ISO馬丁代爾耐磨試驗耗材

ISOMartindale Consumables ISO馬丁代爾耐磨試驗耗材

The Martindale Abrasion Test is used to test the abrasion resistance of fabrics. Abrasion resistance refers to the ability of fabrics to resist abrasion during repeated friction with other materials. Related consumables such as: polyurethane foam, woven wool pads, and wear-resistant wool fabrics.

  • Polyurethane foam

    This product is customized according to ISO specifications. (Currently many products are inferior/unqualified polyester urethane shelf foams with different hardness and chemical properties.) In order to ensure service life and avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation to reduce yellowing, they are heat sealed in In black UV resistant polyethylene packaging. Available in 25 sheets (25x20cm) and 1000 sheets (38 mm diameter).

  • Woven wool padding

    The stability of the weight and thickness specified in the standard during the production process ensures that the test will obtain excellent correlation when used in conjunction with the full range of SDC Martindale consumables. Both products can be used on ready-made cutting discs of 90mm and 140mm.

  • Wear-resistant wool fabric

    Testing and quality control are carried out at the yarn stage, after which weaving and finishing the abrasive cloth. This is not only within the same production batch, but also between different production batches, ensuring good consistency and stability. Available in packages of 1 meter, 5 meters or pre-cut 175 mm discs for ease of use.

  • Standards compliant

    ISO Wool 105/F01

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