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Mullen Burst Tester Mullen Burst Tester

Mullen Burst Tester Mullen Burst Tester

It is used to test the burst strength or seam burst strength of knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics and non-woven fabrics. It can also be applied to the bursting force required for paper and leather bursting.

  • Features

    • The Mullen meter displays PSI, KPA or kg/cm2. Equipped with an external pointer, can be retained to indicate the highest rupture strength. The meter is calibrated at 50% of the minimum reading. Avoid using the readings on both ends. Mullen multi-gauge meters should be used when the test range is too wide
    • Calibration aluminum test foil is used to confirm the accuracy, the range is from 5 to 170PSI
    • Type C, LC and CA are used for materials with pressures up to 200PSI
    • Type A and AH are used for materials with pressure from 200PSI to 1500PSI
    • Type J is a material for 500PSl pressure
  • Standards compliant

    ASTM D 202 / D 774 / D 751 / D 2210 / D 2529/2738 / D-3393 / D 3655 / D 3656 / D 3662 / D 3786

    TAPPI T 403 / T 807 / T 810/401/467

    IPC 2.4.2. Date 3/76 Rev. A

    ISO 2758/2759

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