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Newton Thermal Manikin 熱能人體模型
  • Newton Thermal Manikin 熱能人體模型

    This system is established in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards, and meets the requirements of testing units, clothing and sleeping bag manufacturers for clothing evaluation.

    • Features:

      • Perfect clothing and environmental thermal energy testing cycle system
      • Meet the average body size of Western men, Asian men or Western women
      • The standard configuration of the model is 20 , 26 , or 34 independent heating zones
      • The system is equipped with a computer, processor and controller, and proprietary ThermDAC control software to implement thermal control. The Windows interface can monitor the whole process of the test, fault monitoring, real-time data display and data transmission
      • Optional detachable synthetic fabric sweating skin, which can be precisely controlled by the computer
    • 符合標準:

      ASTM F 1291 / F1720 / F 2370

      EN 13537

      ENV 342

      ISO / DIS 15831

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