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On-line Air Permeability and Thickness Tester FX 3500 CombiScan
  • On-line Air Permeability and Thickness Tester FX 3500 CombiScan

    The online air permeability and thickness analyzer can continuously test the air permeability or pressure drop, thickness and weight of woven fabric, non-woven fabric, felt, film and paper, and woven fabric on the running production line.

      • testing method

        • This instrument includes a guide rail and a gantry that can be extended to suit online testing. According to the needs of different production lines, it can be combined with up to 3 steering rollers to form a stable frame, which can be installed on the production line or finishing
        • The test head carrier ( one or more ) driven by the motor continuously travels back and forth on the guide rail to obtain the horizontal test results. At the same time, the samples that move continuously on the production line are displaced in the longitudinal direction. Therefore, the test is " Z " type
        • Online measurement can avoid scrapped materials, save time to establish machine settings after style changes, reduce labor costs and improve quality
        • During the analysis process, the computer connected to the instrument displays the analysis results in real time

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