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OPUMETER On-Line Spin Finish Tester Handheld Oil Content Tester
  • OPUMETER On-Line Spin Finish Tester Handheld Oil Content Tester

    OPUMETER can help you quickly detect the oil content (OPU) or oil content (FOY) of the yarn on the production line.

    OPUMETER is very easy to use and can provide operators with the information they need in a few seconds. The test data is stored in a memory card, and all offline test data can be read through the card reader software.

    OPUMETER shortens the time difference between actual production conditions and quality feedback, which means a faster response to the production process to reduce the rate of unqualified products.

    • Detection principle

      Through the basic technology of electrical conductivity, the relative oil content of the yarn is detected. Enter the time when testing, place the hand-held detector close to the yarn and press the button. The test results are saved in a U disk, which can be connected to a computer through a card reader, and the test results can be analyzed using software.

    • Technical specifications

      Oil content range : 0.05-5.00%

      Sampling speed :

      15000 measurement /s, 15 kHz

      Ambient temperature : 20-50 ℃

      Relative humidity : maximum 90% , non-condensing

      Display screen : 8.0" touch screen

      Data storage :

      Approximately 65,000 inspections, with a maximum space of 32G

      Hand-held measuring device weight : about 350 g

      Parameter input :

      Production line




      OPU calibration

      Detection time 1s – 60 min

      Power supply : 1.2V

      Lithium battery capacity : 2850 mAh

      Charging power supply : 110-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz

      Charging time : about 2 h

      Use time : about 2.5 h

      Hand-held measuring device size :

      260×30×90 mm ( L × W × H )

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