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Pedatron Biomechanical Abrasion Tester STM 528

Pedatron Biomechanical Abrasion Tester STM 528

The whole shoe can be tested, which is a mechanical test method used to evaluate the wear of the sole.
In addition to the evaluation of sole wear, a series of characteristics of the entire shoe can also be evaluated, including the internal components of the footwear. This device simulates walking very accurately, and all parameters come from biomechanical studies on walking gait.

  • Features

    • Simulate the flexure, shear load, compression impact and rotational movement of shoes when they are worn. The repeatability test of this abrasion machine helps to evaluate the choice of structure, such as shoe uppers or assembly methods that affect sole wear
    • It can be tested continuously for 24 hours on the basis of 48,000 steps and one loop. Efficient and flexible, a variety of customized test heads and adapters can be selected for special applications
    • Use standard texture floor interface to achieve high level of comparison for outsole wear test of footwear
    • Optional software can set automatic test pressure or speed for testing
    • Can be applied to the abrasion test of the floor surface
  • 符合標準

    SATRA TM362 

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