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Phenolic Yellowing Test Material
  • Phenolic Yellowing Test Material

    This test is used to test the sensitivity of the fabric to phenolic aldehyde or its possible yellowing reaction.

    • Product specification



      Yellowing test paper


      -100 * 75mm

      Yellowing test cloth


      -100 * 30mm

      Yellowing test film

      -100pcs/ pack

      -400 * 200mm

    • Standards compliant:

      BS EN ISO X18 Textile color fastness test-phenol yellow test
      M&S C20B Marks & Spencer phenol yellow test
      Next TM43 Next Phenolic Yellow Test

    • special design

      Due to the limited shelf life of the test paper, the heat-sealing mask layer foil liner bag has a shelf life of 3 months after opening, and all the test papers are specially packaged in small bags to reduce waste or prevent expired test papers from being used.

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