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Portable Air Permeability and Thickness Tester FX 3360 PortAir
  • Portable Air Permeability and Thickness Tester FX 3360 PortAir

    It is used to quickly, simply and accurately measure the air permeability of various materials ( including tightly coated fabrics and very loose papermaking felts ) in a portable way. The thickness can also be measured with optional parts.

    • Features:

      • It can be tested at selected points or continuously. Whether the sample is fixed or moving, the test can be directly tested on the production line, processing line or laboratory table, just to ensure that the material is under certain tension during the test
      • It is battery powered, small in size, light in weight, but fully functional, suitable for one-handed operation. Conducive to measuring at high places, such as measuring papermaking fabrics that are hard to reach inside a paper machine or loom
      • Through the calibration board, the function check and accurate calibration of the instrument can be completed in a few seconds
      • The analysis results can be continuously displayed with curves and data at the same time
      • Optional thickness measuring magnetic flat plate, while measuring the air permeability or pressure drop of the sample, the thickness can also be measured

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