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PPT 100 Package Performance Tester Bobbin Unwinding Tension Tester
  • PPT 100 Package Performance Tester Bobbin Unwinding Tension Tester

    The yarn unwinding tension tester can detect the unwinding characteristics of filaments and various yarns (PPF-Packing Performance Factor).

    Withdraw the yarn from the bobbin at a set rate. The PPT software can be used to obtain data and analyze the tension characteristics. Data can be stored for immediate and subsequent analysis.

    The calculation of the unwinding performance (PPF) includes: the average, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, and waveform amplitude of the unwinding tension. The smaller the PPF value, the more suitable for the subsequent processing.

    • Technical specifications

      Unwinding device:

      Easy-to-wind and stable base with rubber to prevent swinging. Practical and stable design

      Filament extraction device FAG 1200R:

      Withdrawal speed 0-1200 m / min Optional maximum speed 3000 m / min
      The tightly-designed high-speed device can accurately pull out the yarn and drive silently, and run smoothly. Accurate and reliable drive technology. It can be controlled manually or automatically by PPT software.

      Tension measurement:
      Rated load 200 cN
      Typical natural frequency, approximately 20 kHz
      High zero point stability and resolution Stable, practical, overload protection Component amplifier with wide signal range
      Software analysis function:
      Calculate the unwinding tension factor PPF
      Statistical functions (minimum/maximum, average, standard deviation)
      Bar graph Cursor and zoom function Loop cycle and frequency calculation

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