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PROMPT OLT Online Tension Sensor Filament line tension monitoring system

PROMPT OLT Online Tension Sensor Filament line tension monitoring system

PROMPT OLT can monitor yarn tension in real time and respond quickly to problems caused by tension changes. A strain gauge sensor is used to measure the absolute thread tension of the yarn. Therefore, changes in the force acting on the sensor will cause changes in resistance and output voltage. These changes correspond to certain changes in force. These electronic signals are then further evaluated to provide immediate feedback on changes in tension.

PROMPT OLT is designed for harsh production environments and has a splash protection function to protect the sensor from oil and cleaning agents. The integrated stainless steel guide rod protects the ceramic yarn guide and plays a role of overload protection.

  • Technical specifications

    • Test range: 0-50 g / 0-100 g / 0-250 g / 0-500 g / 0-1000 g (or other special requirements)
    • Measuring principle: the strain gauge sensor in the middle and the stainless steel guide rods at both ends are used to detect the tension changes on the wire
    • Accuracy: 0.5% of range
    • Linearity: 0.1% of range
    • Temperature range: 0-90 ℃
    • Relative humidity: max. 90%, non-condensing.
    • Overload protection: 200% of the measuring range (protected by stainless steel guide rod)
    • Calibration: parallel calibration and full calibration
    • Wire guide: ceramic (replaceable)
    • Shell: Aluminium alloy shell with positive electroplating process, the color is gray
    • Optional
    • DTSA- Amplifier signal evaluation and winder control
    • CAN interface
    • Reset button

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