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RAPID 600V Vertical Automatic Pin Interlace Detector

RAPID 600V Vertical Automatic Pin Interlace Detector

  • The quality of a bundle of filaments is determined by the nodes, uniformity and strength within a certain length.
  • RAPID 600V is tested by piercing a needle into the filament. This physical test method is based on the ASTM D 4724 test standard, which can measure the number of nodes, the distance between nodes and the toughness of filament nodes.
  • The detection equipment is quite smart. Not specifically designed for laboratories - it can even be placed on the side of the production line for testing as soon as the filament leaves the production line. In this way, the quality of the filament can be quickly evaluated, and the problems in the production of the filament can be reported back in time.
  • RAPID 600V adopts a computer-controlled fully automatic servo system to automatically control pre-tension, stretching and sample removal. It can test filament yarns faster, more accurately and more effectively, saving labor and easy operation.
  • testing method

    1. The number of nodes per meter of yarn.
    2. The mechanical acupuncture system can detect the release force of the node, and only the node that reaches the set release force is regarded as a valid network node.
    3. The tension that can hold the monofilament together is a key criterion for the application of yarns in textiles.
  • Technical specifications

    Sample feeding

    Automatically suck yarn and remove samples

    Number of nodes per meter


    Test speed

    Up to 50 m/min

    Denier range

    15-4000 den

    Air supply

    90 psi instrument air supply ,

    20 scfm (6 bar, 0.6 N ³ /min)


    ( Node toughness )

    0-150 g , accuracy: ±0.1 g

    ( Can be customized according to requirements )


    Can carry out long-term evaluation, statistics, and test results

    Instructions and quick access to information

    testing time

    About 30 s

  • Standards compliant:

    ASTM D 4724

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