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Rotary Static Tester Friction Band Voltage Tester

Rotary Static Tester Friction Band Voltage Tester

The sample is rotated and rubbed against the standard abrasive cloth at the same time, and the charged voltage generated is measured.

  • Features

    Measuring range with voltage: up to 9999V

    Attenuation rate measurement range: 1-99% Standard setting 50%

    Voltage measurement method: 60 second measurement method, attenuation measurement method

    Maximum measurement time: 999 seconds ( standard setting 60 seconds )

    Minimum reading value: 1V

    Maximum number of average measurements: 10 times ( measuring average )

    Rotating cylinder specifications: outer diameter 150× depth 60mm

    Cylinder rotation speed: about 400 rpm

    The distance between the power receiving part and the test piece mounting frame: about 15mm

    The traction load of the friction part: about 4.9N (500gf)

  • Standards compliant

    JIS L 1094 / T 8118

    GB/T 12703

    ZB W 04009

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