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Scorch-Iron Tester Sublimation Tester

Scorch-Iron Tester Sublimation Tester

It is a test device for sublimation color fastness to dry heat test method and heat-pressure fastness test method.

  • Features

    • Composed of the same size and the upper and lower hot plate 2 can control the temperature of the hot plate temperature controller of the two
    • Test hot plate: 100mm x 40mm ( aluminum )
    • Temperature adjustment: digital display regulator, minimum display 1 ( upper and lower each )
    • Maximum temperature: 250ºC
    • Test hot plate pressure: 4±1 kPa(40cm2)
    • Heater: Cartridge heater 150W ( one group on top and bottom )
  • Standards compliant:

    GB/T 5718/6152

    ISO 105-P01

    JIS L 0850/0879

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