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Smoke Density Chamber SD-2 Smoke Density Tester

Smoke Density Chamber SD-2 Smoke Density Tester

It is widely used to test the smoke density of burning materials, test the specific optical density under burning and non-combustion conditions, and also for the emission of toxic gases.

  • Features

    • Obtain smoke density and smoke toxicity (C02 , CO) detection indicators at the same time, and can simultaneously determine HCN, NOx, CO, HF, HCl, SO2
    • It can measure heat flow value, non-combustible value, and fuel-free value
    • Easy to replace / interchangeable ASTM E 662 vertical furnace and ISO 5659-2 horizontal cone furnace
    • Indoor pressure, temperature and smoke are continuously monitored and displayed digitally in the console and software
    • Multi-burner ignition program setting, gas flow control, time program setting and safety protection
    • Negative pressure exhaust of flue gas after the test, pneumatic sample positioner
    • The mobile test chamber can be replaced without replacing the entire unit and control
    • Optional pneumatic pre- ( re ) ignition system
  • Standards compliant

    AITM 2.0007 / 3.0005

    ASTM E 662 / F 814

    BSS 7238

    FAR Part 25 Appendix F

    IMO MSC.61 (67) Appendix 1 Part 1&2

    ISO 5659-2

    NFPA 258

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