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Sole Adhesion Tester STD 185 Sole Peel Strength Tester
  • Sole Adhesion Tester STD 185 Sole Peel Strength Tester

    Used in shoe factories to measure the adhesion and adhesion strength of fixed and molded sole components.

    • Features

      The illustration shows the standard STD 185 with and without shoe heel fixing device STD 185 H. The sole is still placed on the shoe last, and then positioned on the ridge anvil or pillar so that the curved toe part of the instrument fits the protrusion between the sole and the upper. Pull down the back of the shoe with your hand, and gradually increase the force, so that the force actually passes through the toe part down until the sole is separated from the upper. The force is displayed by the load force indicator on the instrument, and a maximum load force index is installed in the table

      Another method can be used to measure the actual load force that caused the separation. The load force can be applied to check whether the sole adhesion strength is qualified and whether the sole falls off. This method can be used to test the original shoes from the production line. The sole fixing device must be used to keep it securely fixed. After the test is completed, the shoe product can be returned to the rack or track intact

    • Standards compliant

      AS 2210

      ANNZS 5809

      BS 1870/4676

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