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Spray Rating Tester

Spray Rating Tester

Used to test the water repellency of the fabric surface.

  • Features:

    • The distance from the top of the funnel to the spray nozzle: 190mm
    • Spray time after adding 250ml of water to the funnel: 25-30s
    • A quantitative (250ml) of distilled water is passed through a standard spray head and sprayed on the tested sample 150mm below the nozzle at 45º from the surface of the test sample. After spraying, the sample surface is compared and rated with the standard chart.
  • Standards compliant:

    AATCC 22

    BS 3702

    BS EN 24920

    GB/T 4745

    ISO 4920

    M&S P23

    NEXT TM23

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