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Sweating Guarded Hotplate Integrated System iSGHP熱阻抗及濕阻抗試驗機
  • Sweating Guarded Hotplate Integrated System iSGHP熱阻抗及濕阻抗試驗機

    The hot plate textile thermal and moisture resistance tester, or "skin model" is based on ASTM F1868, ISO 11092 and other international standards, which can accurately and repeatedly test the thermal and moisture resistance of textiles.

    The iSGHP-8.2 and iSGHP-10.5 systems include a complete sweating surface, a computer-controlled variable airflow rate, a gravity-fed fluid supply system, and surrounding temperature and humidity sensing probes.

    • 產品特點

      • iSGHP-10.5具備10英寸的測試板以及5英寸的熱防護環
      • iSGHP-8.2具備8英寸的測試板以及2英寸的熱防護環
      • 兩個獨立的熱保護區(熱防護環以及底板保護區)
      • 測試板和熱防護環都以銅板製作,用於提供熱傳導以及均勻的測試板表面溫度
      • 包括加熱驅動器和傳感器調節電子介面
      • 電腦控制的風扇能夠提供符合ASTM/ISO測試標準氣流
      • 系統包括兩個環境溫度傳感器以及一個相對濕度傳感器
      • iSGHP 利用環境箱的供水,用於濕阻抗測試
      • 電子控制的測試板高度,可以用於測試調整樣品高度
      • ThermDAC 控制軟體可提供完整的設備控制、故障檢測、數據記錄和分析能力
      • 特別設計的環境箱,比其他產品能夠節省40%的實驗室空間
      • 配有標準的風冷壓縮機系統
      • 環境艙溫度範圍15°C - 55°C,穩定度 0.1°C
      • 環境艙濕度範圍30% - 70%
      • 熱阻抗測試範圍0.001 - 2.0 K∙m²/W.
      • 濕阻抗測試範圍0 - 1000Pa∙m²/W.
      • 工作臺面高度約107cm,有利於實驗員的實驗操作
    • product description

      The environmental control room of the whole system is a heat-insulated, airtight stainless steel interior, compact and efficient design; 42 inches (approximately 107cm) from the floor, ergonomic and comfortable working environment design and other careful Thoughtful design, such as high-intensity LED window lights, detachable shelves with pre-processed textile samples, large heat-insulated doors with observation windows.

      For the sweat test, the SGHP hot plate uses the water source of the environmental control room and the unique moisture wicking porous material and protective ring on the two test plates to ensure a uniformly wet surface. The height-adjustable airflow cover easily accommodates the thickness of various samples, and our ThermDAC control and data recording software makes the test easier, as long as the person can leave after simply clicking the mouse.

    • Excellent performance

      • The electronic grade copper test board is equipped with a thermal protection ring and an ultra-stable resistance wire for uniform heating.

      • The system includes two ambient temperature sensing probes, a humidity sensing probe, and a wind speed and temperature sensing probe.

      • The gravity conveying fluid supply system can adjust the flow rate to any sample.

      • The environmental control room uses a sealed lower flange to integrate the SGHP-8.2 or SGHP-10.5 sweat hot plate.

      • The temperature range is 15°C to 55°C, and the stability is 0.1°C.

      • Humidity range of 30% to 70% (limited by dew point temperature).

      • An optional deionized water box that enables the environmental control room to use locally supplied tap water

      • The system includes a brand new DELL computer with ThermDAC exclusive control software.

      • This simple and user-friendly Windows application provides complete thermal control, fault detection, system configuration and calibration, real-time data display and data logging functions.

    • Standards compliant

      ASTM D1518 / F1868

      CEN/TR 16422:2012

      NFPA 1971

      EN 31092

      GB/T 11048

      ISO 11092/13029

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