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Tilting Table (TT) Adjustable Angle Observation Slope
  • Tilting Table (TT) Adjustable Angle Observation Slope

    The Verivide adjustable-angle observation oblique plate can adjust the angle arbitrarily, allowing the user to determine the sample level in the most appropriate environment

    • Features

      • The multi-light source color lamp uses optical principles to simulate light sources such as D65, TL83, TL84, Cool white, Ultraume 30, and ultraviolet fluorescent (UV), to test the color changes of the fabric under different color temperature light sources, and to improve the color quality of the product Control.

      • Verivide standard multi-light source produces lighting effects on color lights comparable to nature. It uses 9 kinds of fluorescent agents, is the best fluorescent D65 daylight simulator, has the highest color rendering index (CRI), and is the first-choice device in the field of color observation.

      • It is suitable for all industries that need to maintain stable product color and quality, such as textiles, ceramics, automobiles, cosmetics, dyeing, footwear, food, knitwear, ink, printing, etc.

      • This machine is designated for use by famous international brands such as ISO, M&S, Nike, Adidas and Puma.

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