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TST2 Heat Shrinkage Tester
  • TST2 Heat Shrinkage Tester

    At a preset temperature, the change in the shrinkage length and the heat shrinkage force of filaments and yarns are two important parameters in industry and technology.

    The specially designed box heater can avoid the influence of the surrounding environment. Together with the high-resolution length detection sensor and force sensor, after the sample is placed, the test will be automatically completed under computer control to avoid human error.

    During the testing process, the thermal shrinkage changes of the yarn will be displayed in the graph connected to the computer, and the testing results can be fully analyzed and evaluated.

    • Product advantages:

      • TST 2 can detect the change in shrinkage force and shrinkage rate of the yarn within a predetermined time after the heating box is heated to a specified temperature. After the test, it can also detect the residual shrinkage force and residual shrinkage rate of the yarn. Automatically monitor the change of sample length and contraction force through a connected computer.
      • The heating box is automatically moved by computer control to ensure the accuracy of the test. The entire test process is fully automated, which not only saves manpower, but also avoids human error, and can also ensure the repeatability and accuracy of the test results.
      • The operator can customize the TST 2 inspection program according to requirements. For example, the residence time of heating, different pretension and so on. TST 2 can help you get the difference in length.
      • TST 2 also has a dynamic test function, which allows you to observe the changes in the sample during the heating process.
      • During the test, all performance trends of the heated yarn are automatically recorded. This allows you to check the irregularities of the product in detail, while also providing an exquisite tool for research and development.
    • Technical specifications

      Number of samples: 2 groups

      Sample width : 1.3 mm ( optional to 5 mm )

      Shrinkage force range: 1 - 2000 cN (optional)

      Heating length: 250 mm

      Shrink length range: 99% to -500%

      Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃

    • 符合標準:

      ASTM D4974

      ASTM D5591

      EN 13844

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