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Universal Tensile Tester Universal Tensile Tester

Universal Tensile Tester Universal Tensile Tester

It is used to test the tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, blasting, peeling and other properties of textiles and other materials.

  • Features

    • The instrument is controlled by a computer, using professional test software, the user uses the computer to operate, set the parameters and test function setting options in the software
    • The fixture has a self-protection function to prevent damage to the two fixtures due to the change of the height difference after the fixture is replaced
    • A variety of models and force sensors to choose from
    • The system automatically completes the test and storage of data, and automatically generates test results in the form of reports and graphs
  • Standards compliant

    ASTM D 434 / D 1683 / D 2261 / D 2724 / D 3936 / D 4964 / D 5034 / D 5035 / D 5587

    FZ/T 01085/01031/01034/20019/60005/60006/70006/70007/80007

    GB/T 3917/3923/8688/13772/13773/19976/23318

    ISO 3303 / 9073-4 / 13934/13935/13936/13937

    JIS L1096

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