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Universal Wear Tester UWT Universal Wear Tester

Universal Wear Tester UWT Universal Wear Tester

The universal wear tester is an instrument for testing various wear properties of textiles, mainly including: flat grinding test, lifting test, bending test, folding test, etc. Each test is equipped with different test fixtures and standard consumables.

  • Features

    • The test platform can reciprocate and rotate back and forth to complete a variety of test modes
    • The counter / timer can set the number of tests or the test time separately
    • The built-in pump with adjustable air pressure can inflate the film during the test to stabilize the air pressure
    • According to different test requirements, weights of different masses can be loaded on the support of the test head, and appropriate pressure can be applied to the test sample
  • Standards compliant

    AATCC 119/120

    ASTM D 3514 / D 3885 / D 3886

    FTMS 191/5300/5302

    FZT01121 / 01122/01123

    FORD EFB 15J2 / BN 112-01

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