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Vertical Flammability 701-S Vertical Flammability Tester

Vertical Flammability 701-S Vertical Flammability Tester

Used to test the falling flame retardancy of children's pajamas, decorative fabrics, bedroom curtains, furniture upholstery, sponges and travel tents.

  • Features

    • Equipped with a digital timer, the cabinet is made of brushed stainless steel
    • Electronic solenoid valve and timer can automatically control the flame time
    • Fixed burner with adjustable position
    • Record the burning time of the sample and measure the fracture length of the carbonized part
    • Comply with American fire protection inspection and fire protection inspection standards for children's pajamas
    • Optional automatic combustion gas supply system
  • Standards compliant

    16 CFR 1615 and 1616

    CA TB 117 AI and B

    CA Title 19

    CAN/ULC SI 09 Small Flame

    CPAI 84

    NFPA 701 (1989) Small Scale

    UL 214 Small Flame

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