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VM 400 Vibrochrom-Colorimeter
  • VM 400 Vibrochrom-Colorimeter

    VIBROCHROM 400 automatically detects the tristimulus values of samples under standard lighting, using CIE (International Commission on Illumination) standard D65 light source. Designed and manufactured according to DIN 5033, mainly used to test color difference, tri-color value, whiteness and fluorescence of fiber samples.

    Complete optical system: color filter test and reference channel shifting dual-beam brightness meter, equipped with a gloss collector to eliminate the reflection of the mirror.

    The instrument only needs to be calibrated with a standard blackboard, a standard white board and a standard fluorescent board, and the operation is simple. Instrument test repeatability: ± 0.2% (standard white board). In addition, VM 400T can be selected. In addition to the functions of VM 400, VM 400T can also test the Tappi value (diffuse reflectance whiteness of pulp, d/0°, wavelength 457 according to the TAPPI (American Pulp and Paper Industry Technology Association) standard). nm).

    • Standards compliant

      ISO 2469

      DIN 5033

    • Test principle

      • Color measurement geometric structure d/8° design, in line with German industrial standard DIN5033. For example: the diffused illumination of the integrating sphere to the sample is tested at an angle of 8°.
      • The reflected light of the sample passes through the lens and is color-corrected, and finally shines on the electron optical detector.
      • Special filter combinations are used to correct the color functions: X(λ), Y(λ) and Z(λ). The calibration of the instrument uses known Rx, Ry and Rz value standards to determine the color value of the sample. When only UV (ultraviolet light) is used to irradiate the sample, the sample reflects fluorescence, and the instrument measures the fluorescence values fx, fy and fz (representing the basic difference between Fx and Rx, Fy and Ry, Fz and Rz).
      • Two high-stability and long-life flash lamps illuminate the sphere with D65 visible light and ultraviolet light (integrating photometer).
      • After the light hits the integrating sphere, diffuse reflection is formed, and then the sample is tested indirectly. The flash lamp has thermal insulation, and its short lighting time also prevents the sample from heating up. Product. The flash lamp has thermal insulation, and its short lighting time also prevents the sample from heating up.

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