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VN 500 Vibrodyn-Tensile Tester Single Fiber Tensile Tester
  • VN 500 Vibrodyn-Tensile Tester Single Fiber Tensile Tester

    The VN 500, researched and developed by LENZING, is used to automatically measure the strength and elongation of single fibers and filaments.

    The test adopts one-key operation, the test result is reliable and correct, and it can be connected with the fineness meter.

    • Technical specifications

      Strength test range

      0-500 cN(g) , optional to 0-1000 cN(g)

      Elongation test

      The maximum elongation can reach 1000% when the clamping length is 10 mm

      Clamping length

      5-50 mm

      Test speed

      0.5-300 mm / min


      Set by pre-tension clamp


      Calibration with automatic calibration program


      Strength ± 0.5% , elongation ± 0.1%

      Test specifications

      The CRE (constant elongation type) in line with DIN EN ISO 5079, ASTM D3822, BISFA, AFNOR G 07-008 standard full

      Automatic tensile test program

      Other uses

      With a special " wet strength device " can test the wet strength of viscose fiber

      Specific test methods can be used to test the cohesion of spandex fibers

      With a special fiber chuck, the strength and elongation of carbon fiber can be tested

    • Standards compliant

      DIN EN ISO 5079

      ASTM D3822


      AFNOR G 07-008

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