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VP 500 Vibroskop-Titer Tester Single Fiber Fineness Tester
  • VP 500 Vibroskop-Titer Tester Single Fiber Fineness Tester

    • The VP 500 researched and developed by LENZING is well-known in the world for its accuracy, flexibility and ease of operation.
    • The test adopts one-button operation, the test result is reliable and correct, and it can be used in connection with the tensile tester VN 500.
    • This instrument has become a global standardized instrument for testing fiber fineness, and conforms to ASTM, BISFA, ISO and DIN international standards.

    • Detection principle:

      One end of the fiber is attached with a corresponding pretension, and the other end is suspended in the test chuck. When the test unit releases current to make the fiber vibrate, the amplitude of the fiber will be recorded by the test unit to calculate the linear density of the fiber. The test process is about 1-3 seconds .

      Technical specifications:

      Fineness range

      0.33-200 dtex ( 0.3-180 den )

      Fiber length

      The shortest 28 mm ( 20 mm optional)





      Fineness display

      Adopt four-digit number, the unit is den or dtex

      Camera application scenarios:

      Fixed at a certain tow position on the production line to monitor the number of crimps

      Move to different tow positions on the production line to monitor the number of crimps

      Monitor the number of crimps in the laboratory


      Far end display curl number

      Ethernet connection to the host computer

      With OPC UA interface

      Information description:

      Easy access to information, personalized feedback reports and 2-D and 3-D charts. The front end displays the data package report directly, and the historical data can be displayed by the optional data terminal

      Test distance:

      About 120 mm (distance from sensor to tow)

      Tow running speed: up to 10 m/s

      Scan width:

      Each sensor is about 125 mm , the actual picture

      Image area 2.5×3.2 cm

      Accuracy: better than 1 %

      Measuring range of crimp number:

      4-30 pcs / cm

      (10-75 pcs / inch optional )

      Curl test rate:

      Up to 30 tests/min parallel to the sensor

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