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VX 400 Vibrotex-Crimp Tester Single fiber crimp tester
  • VX 400 Vibrotex-Crimp Tester Single fiber crimp tester

    Researched and developed by LENZING company, it is a fully automatic testing instrument used by advanced textile countries to detect curl elongation and recovery with high precision.

    The entire testing process is automatically controlled by program settings. When the fiber is tested, it must first be uncrimped and then returned to its original state. According to the characteristics of the fiber appropriately selected speed, and a curve extending tension values corresponding to the record in the logarithmic scale, showing the fiber crimp characteristics, and calculates a crimp elongation (Crimp removal) and recovery of (Crimp recovery).

    Since the exact value of the tension setting up ± 0.001 cN / tex, and also extends the length of the high accuracy of ± 5 μ m, the present machine therefore provides a very accurate and reliable test value.

    This machine only needs 1 min for each test ( depending on the fiber type and the number of CRIMP ) , and the fully automated operation can save manpower, improve efficiency, and reduce heavy labor costs.

    • Technical specifications

      Tension range: greater than 1 cN / tex, maximum 6 g, other ranges are optional

      Test length: 10-30 mm
      Fineness range: 0.1-60 dtex
      Maximum elongation: 40 mm (at 15 mm test length)
      Calibration: Automatically calibrate the accuracy through the built-in weight
      Tension: ± 0.001 cN / tex; Length: ± 5 µm

      Test time: about 1 min

      Testing speed: 0.1-5 mm / min

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