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FOM71 CLS Wascator 程式型歐規滾筒式縮水率洗衣機

FOM71 CLS Wascator 程式型歐規滾筒式縮水率洗衣機

The testing machine is designed in accordance with BS, ISO and IWS standards and is controlled by a microprocessor. It can store and design 99 washing programs (settings can be entered through the keyboard, and internal memory storage). It is equipped with an automatic lotion dispenser, which can be used for multiple continuous washing and dehydration without interruption.

  • Features:

    • Meet IEC and ISO international standards
    • Suitable for the detection of the influence of detergents and chemicals on the washing shrinkage of fabrics
    • Double water level and water volume (weight) control

  • Standards compliant

    ISO 5077/6330

    IWS TM31

    GB/T 8629

    BS EN 26630

    M&S P1&P1A

    FZ/T 70009

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